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Our annual event in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida brings together C level executives of small, medium and large size infrastructure and energy companies, financial institutions, engineering firms, transportation and logistics companies, and service providers who represent important and strategic infrastructure projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Participants are interested in the potential for project development and new business opportunities related to investments in Cuba and the evolving landscape. The event will play a vital role in helping companies define their market strategy, understand probable time frames, challenges in the regulatory environment and assess the risks that revolve around investments in Cuba.


Topics to be explored:


  • Tourism industry 2016-2020 and required hospitality industry investments

  • Legal landscape in Cuba for foreign investors (2016-2020)

  • Telecom & internet development needs and respective finance challenges

  • Required infrastructure (transportation and power generation) investments to support tourism expansion.

  • Who will lead investment (private, development banks, bilateral lenders) 

  • Legal landscape in Washington for US companies engaging with Cuba (2016-2020) under different political scenarios with a look at important milestones

  • Modernizing Cuba’s payment industry – limitations today and likely evolution over next 5 years

  • Supply chain in Cuba – how will infrastructure investment source its products?  What role will South Florida play as a logistics hub?

  • Lessons learned from successful exporters who cracked the Cuban market

  • Lessons learned from successful foreign investors operating in Cuba today



Cuba Investment Forum 2016 - Agenda to cover Tourism, Infrastructure, Finance, Energy, Telecommunications and Transporation Logsitics

Supporting Partners:
Southern Pulse Cuba Investment Advisory Market Entry research and intelligence
Americas Market Intelligence AMI Latin America Research and Market Intelligence
Engage Cuba is a supporting organization to the Cuba Investment Forum
Southwest Airlines Official Sponsor of Cuba Investment Forum
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