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Cuba receives over three millions tourists per year.  Once American citizens can visit en masse, that figure will double in short time.  The injection of hard currency into Cuba’s economy will set in motion waves of investment by both private and public investors, keen to upgrade the island’s infrastructure including new roads, port modernization, fixed and wireless telephony, an expanded power grid, and more efficient payment infrastructure.


The Cuba Investment Forum is the leading industry event that will take place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on May 12, 2016 and will bring together internationally recognized industry speakers, investors, government officials, and C level executives from the finance, tourism, energy, infrastructure, and telecommunications industries. The geographic scope for the event will cover Cuba with a focus on the business opportunities for companies in Miami, Mexico and the Caribbean. 


The forum’s aim is three fold:


I.    Inform participants of the most relevant and up-to-date facts on the ground in Cuba, intelligence provided by informed and seasoned experts who work inside the country.


II.    Provide essential guidance to investors on the political and legal process being shaped in Washington that will govern how US companies engage with Cuba.


III.    Share the best practices and lessons learned of foreign investors and exporters who have succeeded with their business ventures in Cuba.  


* Simultanous translation will be provided.

Cuba Investment Forum 2016 to focus on energy, tourism, infrastructure and investments in Cuba Market
cuba investment forum 2016 will focus on business opportunities in tourism infrastructure telecommunications and energy

Cuba Investment Forum 2016 - Evolving Business Opportunities in Tourism, Infrastructure, Telecom, Finance, and Energy


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Supporting Partners:
Southern Pulse Cuba Investment Advisory Market Entry research and intelligence
Americas Market Intelligence AMI Latin America Research and Market Intelligence
Engage Cuba is a supporting organization to the Cuba Investment Forum
Southwest Airlines Official Sponsor of Cuba Investment Forum
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